Human Genome: Humanity’s History Book

This week we finish our human genome series. So far we’ve discussed how advancing our understanding of our genomic code can provide medical insights and how to protect that personal, sensitive information. This episode, we talked to Dr. Miguel Vilar, Science Manager of National Geographic’s Genographic Project, to find out what else can our genome can tell us. In particular, we wanted better understand the story written into our cells that can unfold the history of humanity.

Memorable Quotes

“The greatest history book that’s ever been written is hidden inside our DNA…In my DNA is the story of thousands of people that have lived before me.”

“The more we discover, the more colorful the picture of our ancestors is.”

“We carry around the story of who we are with us in each cell- billions of our personal little history books are written into our skin.”

“We can help people with their own identity by untangling the history inside themselves.”

“DNA helps shape us, but also the environment plays a very important role in who we are. Our parents, our culture, our surroundings influence us just as much as DNA. We’re not just a product of DNA.”


Check out National Geographic’s Genographic Project or read some of the articles that Dr. Vilar has written.

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