Protecting the Public Health: A Global Perspective

In this episode we talked with Dr. Frances Pouch-Downes. Dr. Pouch-Downes has worked in public health here in Michigan and around the world, and we were excited to get her perspective on global public health issues and successes.

During this series, we’d especially like to thank the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics program here at Michigan State for their technical support of Speaking Science. The BLD program training future medical laboratory scientists and provides our studio space, recording support, and even the time our producer Jim Monahan donates to our program. Thank you BLD for supporting science outreach to the broader community!

Protecting the Public Health; A Global Perspective

Memorable Quotes

“In the global community, there’s an appreciation that what happens in one part of the world impacts the rest of the world.”

“The stark reality is also that with global travel, trade in which commodities get shipped around the world in just a matter of hours that you really can have something that’s happening in a remote area of the world end up in a rural U.S. hospital.”

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