For one week we’re taking a break from posting our usual series to focus on a topic that’s made headlines in the news over the last few years. From battles in the court of law to “gene-edited babies”, CRISPR is an emerging technology that has made a lot of waves. We wanted to talk to an expert, Dr. Doxen, and we asked him about what CRISPR is, what ethics we have to consider when using this technology, and how can we use this in a safe way in the future.

Memorable Quotes

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There are lots of stories online about CRISPR, but here are a few that we picked out in case you want to read more.

CRISPR babies: when will the world be ready?” Nature

A YouTube video by the Mayo Clinic explaining CRISPR

If you have access to Science through a university or membership, you can also read “China’s CRISPR revolution” and “The CRISPR animal kingdom”, both by Jon Cohen.

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