Artificial Intelligence: Biomedicine

Many of us have heard of Tony Stark’s JARVIS in the Iron Man movies or have used Siri or Alexa to look up information. But what else can we use artificial intelligence for? Over the next three episodes, we’re taking a look at how we interact with A.I. on a daily basis and how that might be changing in the future. We’re starting off by looking at its use in medicine. David Hollinger, from MSU, explained how A.I. can be used to make more accurate diagnosis, make doctors more available for time with patients, and help make bedside care more efficient.

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There are some labs across the country doing really cool research in biomedical A.I. If you want to check out more work, visit the Movement Control Rehabilitation Lab, Sensorimotor Control Lab, or the Neuromusculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab at MSU.

To listen to the episode on cyber security in the health field, click here.

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