Beverages: Beer

We grab a drink all the time- water, pop, juice. So, what goes into making them? This week we’re starting to explore some of the most popular beverages and the science behind them. We’re kicking off by looking at beer with Dr. Jim Bruckner, a microbiologist who works in breweries on quality control and beer science. We got to hear about what goes into brewing beer, what choices you need to make to get to different tastes, and some of the more creative types of beer that use some unique science!

As a note, at one point we talked about Brettanomyces (a different yeast than typical brewer’s yeast) and we misstated it’s ability to grow anaerobically; it most definitely can, though it has to adjust to the conditions before it resumes alcoholic fermentation.

Memorable Quotes

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If you want to learn more, here are links to some of the resources Dr. Bruckner mentioned:

Brewers Association, Master Brewers Association, and the American Homebrewers Association

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