About Us

We decided to start this project after a random meeting at a coffee shop one Saturday afternoon. We were talking with a group who was asking us questions about science. After our conversation, we realized that we both wanted to see science made available and understandable- especially for those who want to know about how science affects their life, but might not have the formal training. A few months later, Speaking Science was born.

Who We Are

image001Rachel Morris is a faculty member at Michigan State Science in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics. She grew up in Maine and has earned her A.S. in Medical Laboratory Science, B.A. in Biology from the University of Maine at Augusta, and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Marquette University. Her studies have focused on how bacteria grow in wastewater treatment plants and low oxygen environments. When she’s not in the lab or teaching, she enjoys knitting, reading, and anything that takes her outdoors. Here’s a link to her website where you can see her other projects. You can also follow her on twitter @rlmorris_mi.

45342164_720622581635387_2481932347612594176_nAlyssa Preiser previously earned her B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and decided to go on to work on her Ph.D. after that. She is interested in understanding the regulation of how plants use the carbon that they take in. She’s been involved in ScienceDebate, Plantae, and now, Speaking Science as opportunities to connect people to science. She spends her free time on the computer working on graphic design projects, in the yard fixing up her gardens, or in the kitchen perfecting a new recipe. You can follow her on Twitter at @alyssapreiser.

Jim Monahan Headshot Final 2Jim Monahan is our producer extraordinaire! He is the Communications Coordinator for the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program at Michigan State University and agreed to help us with this project. He takes care of our recording and editing and is the reason that we have any audio to provide to you!

Also, thanks to Ben Preiser who provided our theme music.

Disclosure of Funding:

This podcast is currently privately funded by Rachel Morris and Alyssa Preiser. Technical support is provided by Michigan State University. However, this podcast (unfortunately) isn’t our full time job. During the day we spend our time teaching or doing research which is funded by those mentioned below:

Rachel Morris is a faculty member at Michigan State University.

Alyssa Preiser is funded by Michigan State University (Barnett Rosenberg Endowded Assistantship), the National Institutes of Health (Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Fellowship), and the U.S. Department of Energy.