Season 1

Episode 1: Introduction: Who we are and what we’re doing


Episode 2: What’s in a name?

Episode 3: This little seed went to market

Episode 4: What’s on the menu?

Humans and Bacteria

Episode 5: Coexistence is complicated

Episode 6: The problems and promises of probiotics

Episode 7: Protecting our weapons so we can survive the war

Seeing Science

Episode 8: Science and Politics

Episode 9: Science and Media

Episode 10: Science and Art

Human Genome

Episode 11: Code Breakers

Episode 12: Hack Attack

Episode 13: Humanity’s History Book

Natural Disasters

Episode 14: Forest Fires

Episode 15: Earthquakes

Episode 16: Polar Vortex

Faking It

Episode 17: Artificial Sweeteners

Episode 24: Food Flavors

Episode 25: Additives

Protecting the Public Health

Episode 18: Newborn Screening

Bonus Mini-Episode (19)!

Episode 20: Microbiology Lab

Episode 21: A Global Perspective

Episode 22: Blood Banks

Episode 23: The First of Her Kind


Episode 26: CRISPR

Artificial Intelligence

Episode 27: Biomedicine

Episode 28: Video Games

Episode 29: Self-Driving Cars

One Year

Episode 30: One Year Special