Global Diseases: African Swine Fever

While COVID-19 might be making current headlines, not too long ago, another disease was making the news. African Swine Fever recently broke out (again) in 2019 and was devastating pig populations, especially in China. We talked with Dr. Rachel Rheams from Michigan State's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. We learned about sad purple-earred pigs, and (more importantly) … Continue reading Global Diseases: African Swine Fever

Protecting the Public Health: Newborn Screening

April 21-27 is medical laboratory professionals week, so for the next few episodes we're going to be featuring scientists trained in Medical Laboratory Science. Rachel, our co-host also works in this field training undergraduates who are planning to work in the medical lab. This week we spoke with Shawn Moloney who is the Newborn Screening … Continue reading Protecting the Public Health: Newborn Screening